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Flavor Favorites

Always On Tap
- Original
- Strawberry
Current Monthly Flavors
- Pomegranate
- Mocha
- Italian Cocoa
- Black Raspberry
Top It Off!
Whirled Famous Smoothie
Our incredible smoothies use only the freshest ingredients without any ice for an amazing creamy, rich flavor. Combine our tingly tart original froyo (or any other flavor on tap) with our fresh toppings and enjoy!
Try Our Signature Smoothies
Straw-Nana Smoothie
Strawberries and banana
Tropical Smoothie
Pineapple, mango, and kiwi
Purple Power Blend
Blackberry, honey, and granola
Reese’s Swirl
Banana, chocolate chips, and peanut butter
Workout Special
Almonds, banana, chocolate chips and a double shot of protein powder
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16 oz.
20 oz.
The Saylor
Our take on a classic ice cream shop staple. We use our original froyo and combine it with fizzy soda for an amazing froyo float
12 oz.
16 oz.
20 oz.
Try Our Signature Bowls
Our signature bowls combine our original froyo and topped with fresh fruits and other delicious toppings for a one-of-a-kind flavor experience.

Açaí Bowl
Original yogurt with an Açaí and banana blend, topped with banana and granola
Peanut Butter Bowl
Original yogurt with a peanut butter blend, topped with strawberry, banana, and peanut butter
Choco Bowl
Original yogurt and Oreo blend, topped with chocolate chips, brownie bites, chocolate sauce and Yomance garnish
Berry Bowl
Original yogurt with a strawberry blend, topped with raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry
Nuts & Oats Bowl
Original yogurt with a granola blend, topped with almonds, pecans, and honey with a raspberry garnish
Create Your Own
Choose your froyo flavor and a topping to blend in then choose three more toppings to finish off your masterpiece.
Gööt To Go
In a hurry? Don’t feel like waiting around? We’ve got you covered, we’ll always have original and strawberrry froyo in the freezer along with extra flavors of the month. Come in, grab a pint and head out, you’re goot to go!